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Sunday, March 3, 2013

To the Vet I Go Again...

Here we go again.  Another trip to the vet.

Momma wanted to make sure that my ear infection is already gone.

Dr. Glenn Maguad examining my ear

Yipee!  No more ear infection.  No more drops. I hate it when Momma and Ate Emy fiddle with my ear.

When my vet said I'm okay, Momma brought me to the grooming section again for another bath.

Meow!!!  Not again!!!!!!!

After drying me up, they put this 2 yellow thingy at the back of my ears.  I thought I looked ridiculous, but everybody thought I was soooo cute.

Then they had me lay down on that steel table again.  Uh-oh... I think I know what they're gonna do.

That hurt!!!

I wonder when they will stop doing this to me???

I didn't feel too weak like the first time. Just a little bit woozy.

My Ate Emy holding me after my shot

Momma put me inside this bag on our way to Grammy. I saw her house for the first time.  I heard she didn't like pets at all, but when Grammy saw me, she said I was cute.  Ha!  I won her heart!

Lemme tell you, I hate this bag! But Momma wanted to carry me in this when we go out. Meow!!!


  1. Yea, no more ear infection. Can Coco get in the bag with you?



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