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Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Liebster Award

I've gotten my very first award.  Yipee! Nerissa, the cool dude, awarded me with a Liebster.  Thanks, Nissy!

Now, as a rule, I have to answer the questions Nissy posted. 11 of them. Here goes...

1. What is your favorite flower?
Honestly, I haven't seen a real one.  We hardly have flowers here at the condo.  But Momma got new greens and I can't wait to nip on them.

2. What is the most recent book you read?
Does an eBook count?  Momma read to me 6 Natural Ways to help your Cat Live Longer by Liz Eastwood.

3. What is your favorite genre?
You mean in literature?  I would say fable. I like brief stories with animal characters.

In music, I like instrumental and anything associated with nature.  Momma loves the New Wave era.  It gives me a headache when she plays those music. Bleh!

4. What is your favorite season?
We only have 2 here -  Summer and rainy season. I prefer rainy because it's cooler. Summer is too hot for me and Momma. 

5. Who is your best friend?
I don't have a best friend... yet.  I only get to see other kitties and doggies at the vet which you know is NOT my favorite place to go to.

6. Would you rather sit under a tree or climb it?
I think it would be more fun to climb a tree. That would practice my hello kitty grip. Don't laugh, but I've only seen a tree on TV. 

7. What is your favorite kind of tree?
I don't know.  Are there many kinds?

8. What is your favorite smell?
May I name 2?  Well, I will name 2. Momma's cologne - Fleurs de Cerisier Locitane. She just sprayed it now.  I think she's going out.  And the powder she usually uses on me - Johnson's Bedtime Powder.

9. What is your favorite television show?
I like Disney, but I seldom get to watch that because Momma watches this hideous looking vampires and wolves on TV (Vampire Diaries) so I get to watch that too. Bleh! 

10. Do you have siblings and if so, how many?
I think I have, but I couldn't remember anymore how many because I was taken away from them before I knew who I was. 

11. What color is your fur or hair?
White with a few black and grey streaks here and there.

Now, I have to pass this award on to the next. Since I'm new at blogging and most of my furriends here have been around for months and years, I'm pretty sure they got several Liebster already. So, having said that, I will pass this award not to 11 but to 3 fur bloggers only. And they are...

1. Coco at Coco's World
2. Adan at Adan's Everyday
3. Muttsy at King Muttsy

They too have to answer 11 questions which I was asked.  Please see questions above.  Momma's too lazy  to think of other questions.  So there you go.  Concatulations to the three and thank you, Nissy, for this.

Whew!  That was a long post. =)


  1. Congrats Sushi, and thanks for passing it on to me. You are one cool cat. Woof Woof!! I like your answers.

    1. Can't wait to get to know you more, coco! =)

  2. Good for you to win that award. We loved your answers to the questions. You sure are cute Sushi. We would love to see some pictures of the Phillipines, just for the fun of it. Take care.

    1. Thank you... Will tell momma to post more photos from where we are. How's splitters?

  3. GREAT answers! I LOVED them!!!

    Don't fret, Sushi... before you know it, you'll have tonnes and tonnes of pals here on the blogosphere. One of them might even become your best friend! That's how I met my BFF, Herman. You know Herman?

    Bet those greens your mom is growin' for you are yummy. Are they ready for 'harvesting' yet? When they are, let me know. I'll teleport over and bring some nip.


    1. Hi nissy. I think i haven't met herman yet, but i would love to meet him.

      Momma ate the leaves. She tried to give me one, but BLEH!!! Yuck! I think i'm gonna pass on that one. I like the soil though. It looks fun to play with. Momma bought several pots and replanted the stems. She said those greens are medicinal. But i don't think momma's gonna let me go play with the soil. She's gonna go berserk if she sees my whitey paws dirty. Nyahaha!

  4. Those answers are terrific Sushi. We enjoyed knowing all about you.

  5. We say ebooks count! Sushi, only two of us have ever climbed trees--ever, we don't get to go outside.
    ConCATS on your award!

    1. Thanks. I wonder how it's like to play outside... Hmmm... Will i ever get the chance...

  6. I agree ebooks count! I never climbed a tree but its fun to read about those who do. Congratulations on your award from us, too!!

  7. Sushi parabéns pelo prêmio! Gostei de saber mais sobre você.

  8. Love to know more about you~!!!
    And thank you for sharing this to us, we will think and write later~~~



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