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Thursday, July 31, 2014


The wound on my paw has almost dried up. I was wearing the cone of shame for one week. ONE WEEK! Can you believe that??? I was only off of it when it's my meal time then after eating, I'm on it again. Meow!

Last night I went up to Mom's bed and she was quite surprised that I wasn't wearing the cone of shame anymore. I managed to remove it by myself. I looked at Mom the cutest way I could so she'd allow me to sleep the night without the cone of shame. Ha! It worked! 

The following morning, Mom checked on me and saw two new fresh wounds in both my ears. I scratched them. Oh cat!!! You should have seen Mom's eyes got bigger and her voice was actually hurting my eardrums. She was really MAD at me!  

Mom: "Sushi!!! What did you do again??? Aren't you tired of hurting yourself? Huh??? Apple!!! Get Sushi ready! We're bringing her back to the vet!!!"

I was really scared. Mom's very mad. We drove off. I think Mom thought she's driving a plane. We got to the stabby place in no time.

Dr. Henry Barbero and Dr. Maybellene Damias
My favorite doctors

Dr. Henry said nothing to worry about. I just need to wear the cone of shame again until my ears heal. 

WHAT??????? Not again!!!!!!!!!!


The Mom here... 

I am very frustrated because of what's been happening to Sushi. I want to remove the cone off of her already, but she keeps doing stuff that would hurt herself and end up getting wounds. 

I hope this will be the last we'd be posting about bad news. I just thought Sushi's friends need to know how she's doing.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Not again!

The Mom here...

Sushi's hind paw is now healed. Unfortunately, her front paw is the one injured this time. I noticed her limping yesterday so I looked at all four paws and there in front, the right one, swollen. I smelled it like I always do and I was right. That's my way of knowing that there's an untreated wound somewhere. I can tell she's in pain so I rushed her to the vet again today. 

The doctor cleaned her wound and gave her antibiotic. I have to give her that for the next five days. She's hating it already, but the doctor said she had to wear the cone all the time while being treated. Her licking the wound is not helping at all, it's even making it worse. 

Sushi here...

I'm not done visiting you all yet. I did some blog hopping, but I'm not even half way done. Please be patient with me. By now you know I hurt myself again. It was really painful. I couldn't walk properly and Mom noticed. She tried to clean it but I was fighting her. It hurts! So she had to bring me back to the stabby place. Mom took photos as usual. 

My doctor cleaning the wound.

I'm not happy... Not at all.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Emergency Trip to the Vet

Mom brought me to the vet for check up. Sadly, I hurt my paw again. I had to wear the cone of shame to sleep. I hated it, but Mom insisted that I should because she put medication on my injured paw last night. From now on, I won't call the stabby place hell house anymore because I realized everyone there was nice.  The doctor examined my paw and said nothing to worry about. It will heal by applying the anti bacterial ointment my previous doctor prescribed sans the Hydrogen Peroxide and Betadine.  Mom also showed the doctor my lower lip which appeared swollen. Doctor said to observe for at least a week. If it doesn't go away then I have to go back to the stabby place... He will "stab" my lower lip. Meow! 

While there, Mom had me groomed. Here's a photo of me and my favorite purrsonal groomer. His name is Jay-R. 

I'm not done with my blog hopping yet. I promise to visit y'all as soon as I can. Forgive me if I haven't visited you yet. I promise I will. Also, please excuse my Mom. She worries a lot. She's such a worry wart.


The Mom here...

Thank God Sushi is okay. The Doctor said there's really nothing to worry about... For now. Sushi's paws are very sensitive. If I can only put socks on her I will. Sushi is currently snuggled beside me. Such a sweet baby girl...

Thank you for sending purrs and prayers our way. God bless you all! 


The Mom here...

I really feel so bad because Sushi hurt her paw again. It's swollen. And I noticed her lower lip is also a bit swollen. I have to bring her to the vet again tomorrow morning. Sushi is an indoor cat and she never fails to find ways to get into little accidents that would require her trips to the vet. I panic when I google things about what I see is unusual on Sushi like her lower lip.

I am really worried...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

News Flash!

Update: We got home safely that night. Storm Glenda's gone. I think she's now in China. But another storm is coming in soon. His name is Henry.


I am currently with Mom right now in the province of Pampanga, my Grammy's birthplace. We went here for Mom's work. We drove for an hour and a half from Manila yesterday. Well, typhoon Glenda hit Manila, Pampanga and some other nearby provinces yesterday afternoon. Today, everywhere looks chaotic. Storm signal number 3 (winds of up to 185 kph) was up since last night. Not sure if we can go home later this afternoon.

Mom took this photo in total darkness. Electricity was out since 2 in the morning. I was hiding in there because the thunderstorms are really scary.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My New Toy

Guess what Mom brought home for me!

It looked like a pitiful woofie in uniform. 

Mom sent a package to her friend in Seattle and DHL gave her this.

So I did some examining...

Okay, I can play with you... How about removing that jacket first? You'll sweat like crazy with that on. You know how hot it is here. I don't like playing with a sweaty, pitiful looking woofie.


Update on Mom: She had her check up again last Friday. Results came out still not good. She's got inflammation inside of her that's causing the on and off pain. She will have another check up by next week. Hope it turns out well this time.  Oh and another thing, a weak positive in her ANA profile might mean another autoimmune disease aside from SLE. We're purraying for a miracle. I hope all these diseases go away!

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