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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The Mom here

Sushi injured her paw.  I had to bring her to the vet for check up and treatment. I didn't notice it right away until it started to smell. I thought she just stepped on her poop, but when I looked again, I saw an infected wound. The doctor had to clean, disinfect and put anti bacterial cream. I have to do that too for two weeks until it dries up. Sushi injured herself by scratching her ess. There were thick fiber-like thingies that stuck out from constant scratching that wounded her paw then it got infected. Sushi also got three shots. Poor Sushi. She stayed calm during the entire procedure except for the last shot. It was the anti inflammatory shot. I guess it was really painful because she meowed and hissed.

Everybody there loved Sushi and were saying how very kind Sushi was.  Well, I guess that's true because there were three cats there and one of the three cats was constantly hissing at everyone who comes near her. When it was time for her bath, boy, she had a scratching mania going on.

Here are some photos I took.

Sushi here

I hate the cone! It's very uncomfortable and did you see the design? It's for woofies!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

Hmmm... Love the weather today...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Vacation Album

Hi there!

The 3-day trip has been pawsome.  Thanks to my good furiend, Sammy, who helped me in every way to make this trip a huge success.  Everyone enjoyed the sun, the water, the adventure and the fellowship.

Life is slowly going back to normal. All the Scouts were back home with their families safe and sound. I would like to share with you some wonderful photos I will treasure furever.

Aboard our private plane

Willy's Rock, Boracay

My room at Shangri-la Boracay Resort and Spa

Me, Wally, Dezi, Sammy
Raz, Sampson, Allie, Mau

El Nido

Snake Island, Palawan

Puerto Princesa


And these photos will all go in here...

God is good all the time! Count your blessings!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

News Flash!

I have two very exciting news to share... Please bear with me because this is going to be a bit longer than my usual posts.

First, Sammy and I and the rest of the Scouts are now in my home country to enjoy the Philippine Summer Getaway adventure we have planned last month.  So far, everyone is enjoying the scenery, the beach, the water sports and the best hotel there is in Boracay - the Shangri-la Boracay Resort and Spa.


Sammy arrived here a day early so he can help me make sure all reservations were in order and the show will run very smoothly. He also helped me in welcoming a huge group of Scouts who signed in for this trip.  So far, so good.

At the airport

Here's a group photo Gracie took. 

There's Mauricio, Allie, Raz, Tubby, Gracie, Anya, Sammy and myself

Will talk more about our adventure in the days to come.  


The second exciting news is that I was interviewed by the Funny Farmer Felines for Mousebreath's cat interview of the week. It was fun and I was pretty excited to do this.  I am very honored to have been part of this distinguished lifestyle magazine for cats. Please do drop by these amazing sites to read about my interview.  I'll see you all there! 

God is good all the time! Count your blessings!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014

We're Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Hi furiends!

Mom is still busy as usual, but she promised to help me post about this very special event I'm hosting on the 16th of May at Scouts. Sammy is my partner on this.  In fact, we have our own travel service at Scouts - Sushi and Sammy's Travel Services. Isn't that cool? Our vision is to be able to visit as many places as possible and learn new things about that place. Our first project is the Philippine Summer Getaway 2014! We are taking advantage of the summer season in the Philippines and enjoy summer long sun puddles at the beach.


We will visit different islands and beaches, engage in all sorts of water sports, try the Filipino delicacy and so much more!

El Nido, Palawan

Puerto Princesa Underground River

We're all excited to go on this trip! Those who signed up for this trip gets a passport. This was Sammy's idea. Brilliant, huh? Here's mine - 

I was asked if I'm ever hosting something like this in blogsville like Sammy's trip to the moon. That was huge! I'd like to, but I'm not ready for that yet.  I'm not closing any doors though.  With this trip, I will learn a lot from Sammy. Who knows, I might be able to do this in blogsville soon.

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