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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy 2015

First off, I'd like to greet everyone a HAPPY 2015! Hope all of my furiends and their pawrents are doing good.

I got the package my buddy Speedy sent me. Thank you very much, Speedy! I'm loving my new toys and the treats too!

I posted a video on my IG. Follow me @mysassysushi

Well, not everything is good for me. I injured myself again. Mom and my future Dad (Yup! You read it right. I'm gonna have a Daddy soon) brought me to the vet last night. I hurt my hind paw and my vet said it's worse than my past injuries. My future Dad bought me Espree (paw balm) to help my ultra sensitive paws, but Mom had to set that aside for now until my hind paw is healed. 

That's not all. I injured my tail too. I came out of the clinic last night with woofie poodle feet and they shaved the fur on my injured tail. 

Can you see my poodle foot? They shaved all four to help the wound heal faster.  I wouldn't let Mom take a photo of my shaved tail though. Meow!

Anyway, Mom is still busy, but she promised to help me do some blog hopping today so I'll see you soon!

Mom! I'm ready! Let's do it!

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