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Friday, October 10, 2014

Fundraising Friday

Hi Furiends!

As I've mentioned in my last post, I'll be doing a Fundraising Friday post to help care for the less fortunate anipals in my country.  I will be reposting from CARA Philippines' FB page. I really hope you'd help because just a little amount when added up will mean a lot for them.  May God bless your good heart as you give.

This sweet cat was lying weak and helpless by the side of the road when she was spotted by a CARA volunteer. We are not sure what happened to her exactly but she is badly injured with her skin ripped off. Her injuries indicate that she must have been run over by a vehicle, then left alone with a gaping wound that was already starting to rot. We cannot imagine the pain this brave cat had to endure.

The volunteer immediately rescued the cat who is now at the CARA Clinic. He named her PAG-ASA, which means "hope" --- something we must cling to at this point. Pag-asa may be in for the long haul, the healing process is likely to take months. The lovely cat can hardly walk but she can stand up and eat her food. She is also grooming herself, which we take to be a good sign. Another CARA volunteer has kindly offered to foster Pag-asa when she is well enough.

Will you help us save Pag-asa? When her photos were shared on Facebook a few days ago, we already received donations but her daily treatment will be expensive and will take some time. We are hoping you will help us raise more funds for her. Donations in any amount will be much appreciated. To donate to Pag-asa’s medical fund, please see below. Thank you very much!

(PLEASE NOTE: Our email address for deposit slips & confirmation receipts is now “donate@caraphil.org”.)


Donations may be made via PayPal, BPI cash deposit, and GCash.

Via Paypal:
1. Go to: http://www.caraphil.org/mainsite/get-involved/donate/
2. Click on "Donate."

3. Follow the instructions. When asked to review the donation, click on "Add special instructions to CARA" and write “PAG-ASA”.
4. E-mail the confirmation receipt to donate@caraphil.org with subject “PAG-ASA”.

Via BPI:
Cash deposits may be made to the following account:
CARA Welfare Philippines
BPI Current Account # 3191-0467-05
Please don't forget to e-mail a photo of the deposit slip to donate@caraphil.org with subject “PAG-ASA”.

Via GCash:
Our GCash No. is 0915-227-0215.

You may refer to Globe's guide on how to use G-Cash here: http://bit.ly/19lAto1 and here:http://bit.ly/19lAwjD

For purposes of crosschecking your GCash donations, please email in your cellphone number and the amount you donated via G-Cash to donate@caraphil.org with subject “PAG-ASA”. Pls. be assured that we value your privacy and after crosschecking is done, we will not keep a record of your numbers.

Please do not forget to email the confirmation receipt (PayPal) or a photo of the deposit slip (BPI) or your cell # & amount donated (GCash) to donate@caraphil.org with the subject “PAG-ASA”.

The PayPal, BPI and GCash accounts are all CARA's. We only need you to send in your receipts/deposit slip/cellphone number to our Treasurer for accounting purposes.

Thank you very much!

By the way, it's Mom's birthday on the 14th.  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Easy Sunday

There's a Pet Blessing currently going on at Eastwood City. I missed it. Mom's too tired from yesterday's work event at SMX Convention. I hope there's another one like this next year.

By the way, I will be starting a Fundrasing Friday for anipals who need help. I will be reposting from CARA Philippines. I hope you will support me on this. This is for a good cause. My way of sharing my blessings to the less fortunate ones. 

Remember Paco from my last post? Here's an update:

Reposted from CARA...

First off: Ooops! There was a bit of miscommunication between us and our vets last week when we featured Paco. It turns out “Paco” is female! We’ve renamed her PAQUITA. (Yes, we are very creative at naming our rescues.)

Our partner vets at Pet Project report that Paquita’s appetite is very good. There’s a lot of improvement in her skin condition and her fur is steadily growing back. (At the time of rescue, she had several wounds and her skin was raw and bleeding.)

Paquita is a big dog and was very defensive when she was picked up from the streets. After only a few days at the clinic, she is learning to trust humans again and can be handled more easily. Blood tests have been done and if results are normal, Paquita will be spayed soon.

Thanks very much to everyone who contributed to Paquita’s medical fund. We will continue to keep you updated on her condition. We’re sure she’s going to be a gorgeous LADY in no time.

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