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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

May y'all be blessed with good chow, peaceful snoozin', fun playtime and purrfect health!


Saturday, March 30, 2013


We got home around lunch time. I saw my human playmate again, Ate Emy. Yay! 

Momma gave me a quick bath, which I'm lovin' now. She knows how to do it just right. Yep, no struggle. Now, I feel refreshed and ready for some snoozin'.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Feel Good Friday

Getting cozy... 

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Off to Grammy

We're going to Grammy's today.  Momma packed our stuff last night.  Ate Emy is going home to her family this holiday.  We'll all be back home on Saturday.

Meow! I got so scared because I thought Momma's gonna give me away.  I went to my litter box and it was gone.  My bed was gone.  My foodies were gone.  Then Momma put this ridiculous outfit on me.

When we got to Grammy's, I tried to get comfy. I had a difficult time doing that.

Momma prepared me a good chow again for lunch.  Meow!!!  Hmph! Well, I deserve it! I was the one who got so stressed with all this moving!

Thank goodness she removed that awful dress off of me as soon as we got to Grammy's.  I thought I was gonna have a heat stroke.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Yummy Chickies

Momma, I want to watch you and Ate Emy replant those greens!

I wonder how they taste like...

BLEH!!! Yuck! 

Momma prepared me my favorite chow.  Chicken!!!

Get ready chickies.  I'm gonna finish y'all!

Nom... nom.. nom...

Momma just had to do this... everyday.  Wipe off my eye bogeys. Oh, and achoo! Clean my nose too.

That's my human... =)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Liebster Award

I've gotten my very first award.  Yipee! Nerissa, the cool dude, awarded me with a Liebster.  Thanks, Nissy!

Now, as a rule, I have to answer the questions Nissy posted. 11 of them. Here goes...

1. What is your favorite flower?
Honestly, I haven't seen a real one.  We hardly have flowers here at the condo.  But Momma got new greens and I can't wait to nip on them.

2. What is the most recent book you read?
Does an eBook count?  Momma read to me 6 Natural Ways to help your Cat Live Longer by Liz Eastwood.

3. What is your favorite genre?
You mean in literature?  I would say fable. I like brief stories with animal characters.

In music, I like instrumental and anything associated with nature.  Momma loves the New Wave era.  It gives me a headache when she plays those music. Bleh!

4. What is your favorite season?
We only have 2 here -  Summer and rainy season. I prefer rainy because it's cooler. Summer is too hot for me and Momma. 

5. Who is your best friend?
I don't have a best friend... yet.  I only get to see other kitties and doggies at the vet which you know is NOT my favorite place to go to.

6. Would you rather sit under a tree or climb it?
I think it would be more fun to climb a tree. That would practice my hello kitty grip. Don't laugh, but I've only seen a tree on TV. 

7. What is your favorite kind of tree?
I don't know.  Are there many kinds?

8. What is your favorite smell?
May I name 2?  Well, I will name 2. Momma's cologne - Fleurs de Cerisier Locitane. She just sprayed it now.  I think she's going out.  And the powder she usually uses on me - Johnson's Bedtime Powder.

9. What is your favorite television show?
I like Disney, but I seldom get to watch that because Momma watches this hideous looking vampires and wolves on TV (Vampire Diaries) so I get to watch that too. Bleh! 

10. Do you have siblings and if so, how many?
I think I have, but I couldn't remember anymore how many because I was taken away from them before I knew who I was. 

11. What color is your fur or hair?
White with a few black and grey streaks here and there.

Now, I have to pass this award on to the next. Since I'm new at blogging and most of my furriends here have been around for months and years, I'm pretty sure they got several Liebster already. So, having said that, I will pass this award not to 11 but to 3 fur bloggers only. And they are...

1. Coco at Coco's World
2. Adan at Adan's Everyday
3. Muttsy at King Muttsy

They too have to answer 11 questions which I was asked.  Please see questions above.  Momma's too lazy  to think of other questions.  So there you go.  Concatulations to the three and thank you, Nissy, for this.

Whew!  That was a long post. =)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Good News!

Hello furriends!

I have good news to share.  Momma went to her vet... err... hospital yesterday.  She had her blood tests and the results came out pretty good.  She was so happy! She was able to sleep longer hours too with the help of this little thingie humans swallow to make them feel sleepy.  It's a temporary thing so nothing to worry about.

Thank you for all your well wishes and for your purrayers.  They sure helped a whole lot.

Now Momma is back to business.  That means I can use Momma's laptop for bloggin'. She's preparing to receive my very first award passed on to me by Nerissa over at Nerissa's Life. I'm excited!

That's me bloggin'. =)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Needs Purrayer

Hello furriends.

Please remember Momma in purrayer. She's not well. She's in pain right now. She has been bedbound for 2 days now. She hardly play with me, but she still gets up to feed me. And she lets me use her iPad for some bloggin'.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chow Time

Momma and Ate Emy went to the dentist yesterday.  It was a long drive.  I was put inside a bag and I behaved...

Momma was pleased so when we got home, I got a special treat!

Nom... nom... nom...

Nom... nom... nom...

That was a good chow! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hi there Moms & fur babies.  I'm Piper, Sushi's human Mom.  I'll be the one writing for now.  I need a little bit of your help.

I'm very selective of what to feed Sushi. She loves to eat and would eat anything.

Moms, I'd like to know what you feed your fur babies? What brand? If it's home made, would you share a bit of info please?

And babies, what kind of food do you prefer?

Thanks for your help!!!

Love, love, love,

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What a Day!

We went to the vet again this morning.  I knew it!  That car ride was a giveaway.

When we entered the clinic, there were lotsa humans and dogs too.  I met 3 cats and a dog.  One of the cats was so tiny and sick.  Her twin sister just passed away this morning according to her humans.  Poor little kitty...  Anyway, while we were waiting for our turn, Momma was chatting with the cat's human.  The kitty had worms in her tummy.   She was given a shot too and vitamins. Hope she gets well soon.

A different doctor checked on me earlier.  His name is Dr. Jude Padasas.  Momma thought I was fat, but the doctor said I was just right. He said he can still feel my ribs. I guess I'm not overweight. Yay! I weighed 2.4 lbs now.  I gained .4 lbs from the last time Momma weighed me.  I was a little bit annoyed though when my doctor's assistant stuck this thing in my butt.  It hurt!  I think that was a ther... ther... what do you call that thing that tells you your temperature? Yeah! That thing!

Then it was my turn for a shot.  Ohhhhh... Here goes... MEOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! 

That hurt a lot!!! Have you gone mad??? What was that???  (Anti rabies shot)

After my vet visit, we went to Grampa, Momma's Dad, at this beautiful garden. He sleeps there and hasn't waken up yet.  But I wasn't able to see him because the guard said, "No pets allowed inside." =(  So Momma went inside the garden while Ate Emy and I waited outside.  There were humans who took pictures of me with them.  I was an instant celebrity. Tee hee...

Momma came out of the garden right away and off we went home.

Purrrr... I was tired.  Momma and Ate Emy too.  We all went to get some cat nap... Zzzz...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hot Bath... Not Bad

I will be going to the vet again tomorrow for another shot.  Meowwwwww...

Momma gave me a hot bath this afternoon.  Hmm... It wasn't too bad after all.  I kinda enjoyed it this time.  She held me until they finished rubbing shampoo on me.  Poor Momma, she was soaking wet.  Ate Emy and Mom dried me off with a towel and a hair dryer so I wasn't cold.  I like that better than the last few baths I had.  Mom put powder on me after drying off so I'd smell really good.  Then she gave me a treat!  Nom nom nom! Loved it! I don't hate baths anymore.   Tee hee...

Me and Momma

Anyway, I heard what's wrong with Momma.  She has lu... hmm... what's that again... lu... pus... lupus???  Not sure how bad that is, but she's always tired.  I really hope she feels better soon.  She wanted to go to a pet store and buy me some goodies.  But how can she when she's not feeling too well... Sad... =(

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Cupcake Party


Had my little cupcake party last night.  Momma had her human friends over to celebrate with me.

Is that what they call cupcake? Smells good!

That's my Momma on top left with her guests. The next photo was with TJ and the little boy Wesley.  Bottom left was with Ate Emy, my human playmate.  Momma's weighing me on the last photo.  I'm now 2 pounds.

Momma was out the whole day today. I heard she went to the hospital to have her blood tests.  Momma's sick. She hasn't been feeling too well lately. Please say a prayer for my Momma.  I hope she gets well soon.  


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm Turning 6 Months


I'm turning 6 months tomorrow and Momma's going to throw me a cupcake party with her human friends. There would probably be around 5 humans all in all, just a few kiddies I guess.

It's my first cupcake party and I'm excited!  Wish I have kitty friends around here.

Would you celebrate with me?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

To the Vet I Go Again...

Here we go again.  Another trip to the vet.

Momma wanted to make sure that my ear infection is already gone.

Dr. Glenn Maguad examining my ear

Yipee!  No more ear infection.  No more drops. I hate it when Momma and Ate Emy fiddle with my ear.

When my vet said I'm okay, Momma brought me to the grooming section again for another bath.

Meow!!!  Not again!!!!!!!

After drying me up, they put this 2 yellow thingy at the back of my ears.  I thought I looked ridiculous, but everybody thought I was soooo cute.

Then they had me lay down on that steel table again.  Uh-oh... I think I know what they're gonna do.

That hurt!!!

I wonder when they will stop doing this to me???

I didn't feel too weak like the first time. Just a little bit woozy.

My Ate Emy holding me after my shot

Momma put me inside this bag on our way to Grammy. I saw her house for the first time.  I heard she didn't like pets at all, but when Grammy saw me, she said I was cute.  Ha!  I won her heart!

Lemme tell you, I hate this bag! But Momma wanted to carry me in this when we go out. Meow!!!

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