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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Good News!

Hello furriends!

I have good news to share.  Momma went to her vet... err... hospital yesterday.  She had her blood tests and the results came out pretty good.  She was so happy! She was able to sleep longer hours too with the help of this little thingie humans swallow to make them feel sleepy.  It's a temporary thing so nothing to worry about.

Thank you for all your well wishes and for your purrayers.  They sure helped a whole lot.

Now Momma is back to business.  That means I can use Momma's laptop for bloggin'. She's preparing to receive my very first award passed on to me by Nerissa over at Nerissa's Life. I'm excited!

That's me bloggin'. =)


  1. Glad your mom feels better now, and we hope she can rest up.

    Cute photos of you blogging Sushi.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. I happy about ur Mom. And ur awardie! :)

  3. So glad your momma feels better. Congrats on your award. Coco sends her love, and puppy dog tail wags.

  4. Yeahh!!! We're so glad your mom is better.

  5. Hi Sushi, I am happy your Mom is better. It's always good when our Moms are feeling well. I think you would like snow too, but I don't think it would last very long at your house. You can have as much as you want!

  6. Sickie Moms are no good..glad yours is feeling better!

  7. So glad mom will be feeling better soon and sleeping better. Now you are a really serious blogger the way you are standing over that keyboard and typing. I is very impressed.

  8. So happy your mom is feeling better! These are great pictures of you blogging :)

  9. Just look at you blogging away. YAY! You know what? Your laptop looks very similar to mine. We're like... TWINS!


    So glad your mom is feelin' better. Bet all those purrs really did help.

    1. hi, nissy. twins? i like that. tee hee...

  10. We're very glad your Mom got help at her vet's! Especially because now she can play with you and stuff--you know, the IMPORTANT duties in her life! You look very official in your blogging poses. XOXOXO

  11. We are very happy for your mommy turns better.
    Purrs and purrs for her recover completely soon.



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