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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Speedy's Annual Pirate Party

Ahoy Matey!

I'm joining Speedy's Annual Pirate Party! This is such a fun event and we look forward to it every year!  Look how I dressed up for the partey this year!

Captain Sushi

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hello Furiends

Hi there! Just visiting to say hi to all of my furiends in the bloggy world. I miss all of you! I'm glad to have stayed in touch with some of you at Instagram - Austin Towers, Bionic Basil, Cody, Dezi, The Island Cats, Rascal and Rocco, Kitty Cat Chronicles, Tonks Tail, Pawsitively Pets and Speedy. Did I miss anyone? If you have an IG account, come visit me there! (@mysassysushi)

I'm doing good. I just celebrated my 4th birthday last September 13. No big celebration, just a very intimate one with Mom and Dad. How are you?

It's me, Shoe-shi...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thank You...

Hi Furiends!

Thank you so much for purring for me. I feel a lot better now. I'm eating more too. Mom is very happy that I gained weight. The weather is still hot, but my summer look definitely helped a lot. Thank you to all who suggested I get a cut. I am still scheduled to go back to my doctors for another check up on Sunday. Please continue to remember me in prayer until my doctors give me a clean bill of health. Thank you, furiends! I love y'all!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Quick Update

Hi furiends!

Just a quick update here.  Mom and I went to my doctor this morning supposedly to let my doctor steal my blood again, but my doctor said to delay it until I finished my antibiotic. That green thing I had to take every morning sucks! Bleh!!! Two more days and I'm done with it.  Meow!

I still don't feel well. Mom had to use syringe every now and then to hydrate me.  I hardly eat, even when Mom prepares my favorite canned nom. I know Mom is worried sick.


The Mom here...

Sushi lost a lot of weight and continues to. I am worried, but her doctors said they have several cases already of cats with the same issues as Sushi's.  Her vet said that two things are most likely the cause of Sushi's lost of appetite - the terrible heat and stress.  The weather here in Manila is so hot and humid. We are currently hitting a heat index of 40°C.  We're like in an oven.  I turn on the aircon at night, but during the day I only have the fan on.  I put ice pack on Sushi to keep her cool.  She does eat but not much.  I can already feel her ribs when I carry her.  I make sure though that she is well hydrated to refrain from further health problems.  I guess we have to wait till the rainy season arrives. By then, we will have to deal with the flood and the storm.  Oh boy...

Please continue to include Sushi in your prayers.  I will surely update you once her doctor gives her the go signal for another follow up blood test.  Thank you and God bless you all!

Sushi just wants to snuggle with me all the time. Such a sweetie... 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

HELP Please!

Hi furiends!

How are you all? Hope all is well. I haven't been around the bloggy world for quite sometime now, though I have been quite active with my Instagram. But I only have a pawful of furiends there from the bloggy world. I miss all of you! 

I was totally out of touch. I heard one very sad news when Mom and I learned about Nissy's passing. We were really sad. Nissy was such a good furiend to many of us. 

Anyway, Mom decided to come back to blogging  (for now) to let me say HI and to seek help from you. You see, I haven't been eating much lately and that got Mom really worried. My weight dropped significantly. Last week, Mom decided to give me one of my favorite canned foods. I nommed it like crazy. Mom was happy that I started eating again then I threw up twice. 

The night before, I chew on my keebles and spit out a tiny bit with blood on it. Mom saw it because I left it on Mom's bed.

Mom brought me to the vet last Sunday and the doctor stole my blood. I didn't even squirm and I didn't make a sound. Mom was so proud of me, but the doctor said that wasn't normal. She said cats would normally squirm and meow because of pain. Now that made Mom want to cry. She was in fact teary eyed already. I can see how sad she was last Sunday. 

Results came out late in the afternoon. The doctor called Mom at home. My lymphocytes were slightly low. Normal range would be between 1.5 to 7. Mine was 1.4, but based on my body weight percentage, the lowest should be 20%, mine was 16%. The doctor said it's either there's a disease that's about to occur or there's already an existing one that my immune system is fighting.  My BUN is also slightly elevated. Normal range is 11.1, mine was 11.4. The doctor said something is not right with my kidneys. But based on the results, Mom thinks I need more water intake which the doctor also agreed. I am now taking electrolytes and multivitamins to help my immune system. Mom will bring me back to the vet this coming Sunday to let the doctor steal my blood again.

The Mom here...

I'm really worried about Sushi. She hardly eats and drinks. She lost a lot of weight. Before this happened, she was in heat. Normally she would lose weight then once it stops, her appetite goes back to normal. Last week, I had to go out of town and left me no choice but to leave her in a pet hotel. I booked her a "suite accommodation", giving her her own room where she can freely roam around and she has her own fan to keep her cool. I brought her kitty liter and toys to make her feel "at home" even just a bit until I came back for her. The doctor there said she wasn't eating her keebles much except her Greenies treats. When I brought her home, she wasn't as lively as she used too. It seems like she's trying to act normal, but I knew something wasn't right. 

Do you have any experience like this? Would you mind sharing because I'm so worried about her already. We need help. Thank you!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mom's flowers from my future Dad

Hi! Mom and I had a talk and we agreed that I will still have my social media, but I have to choose only one for now. Mom's schedule hasn't changed a bit. In fact she's out most of the time. When she gets home, she's very tired. I just jump up the bed and cuddle with her. I miss my Mommy! I bring my toys up her bed hoping she'd play with me. She would for a while then she'd stop, pick me up, kiss me and say, "That's it for now, baby girl. Mommy's very tired." This has been a routine almost everyday. I would have extra play time when my furure Daddy comes to visit. I like it when my furure Daddy's around. I get to play more! 

Anyhow, Mom and I agreed to still keep my blog and post once in a while, but I'd probably be more active on my Instagram. This is just a temporary set up while Mom's schedule hasn't changed yet. If you have an Instagram account, please follow me @mysassysushi. Let's keep in touch there! I sure miss all of you. I'm already friends there with Speedy, Kitty Cat Chronicles and Tonk's Tail. I'm hoping to be friends with a more of you which has an IG too.

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Instgram: add me @mysassysushi 
  PeeEss: Both my paws are healed now. Thank you for your purrs. I'm okay now. Love you all!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I'm Wearing Socks!

Me: Mom, I don't want to wear socks! 

Mom: Baby, I'm sorry, you have to. You hurt your paws again. If they don't heal then we have to go back to the vet for an operation. I don't want that for you. 

Me: It's so uncomfortable, Mom... 

Mom: We don't have any choice, Baby. You keep licking them and that's not helping.

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